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Virus is one of the most dangerous things present on the earth. It enters in the device and corrupts everything with taking much time. The number of viruses is increasing day by day with lighting speed and users are facing so many problems related to virus, malware, worms and spyware. These complicated system’s enemies destroy your data, information confidential files and every possible thing available in your device.

So the remove them from your computers, laptops or mobile phones, there are many antivirus software have taken place in the market and Norton is one of the best antivirus today. Norton Setup works on various dangers and removes them from everywhere. This antivirus solution gives you complete reliability; users don’t get disappointed with Norton antivirus suite.

Every digital geek and computer lover knows about this antivirus solution and they use this to save their data and files and if you want to protect your computer from malware attacks and unavoidable danger then it's highly recommended to you to install norton antivirus now with product key from

You don’t need to juggle with the complicated installation process. You only need to follow these basics just to safeguard your device. Here are the steps for activation and installation.

Steps to Download & Install Norton Setup:

To use Norton you need to create Norton account so here is the complete procedure for it.

Norton Sign Up:

If you are taking new subscription then all you need to do is to sign up first. And for signing up, you have to click on the following link After singing up, you will get your account for Norton security management. Now click on the sign in button and enter your credentials there.

Sign In to Norton Account:

If you are already a Norton my account holder then sign in to your account. After signing in for the first time you will get two choice there-

  • Go to this link-
  • Now go to the Norton My Account.
  • Click the sign in button.
  • Now hit the install button (it will be asked you to install on this device or install on another device.)
  • Now you have to click on agree and download button to get it downloaded in your system.
  • When you hit the download button, you will get the downloader program in your system.
  • Now click and hit the run button.
  • Follow the instruction that you are getting on the screen.
  • Now you will get your product installed and activated on your screen.

Steps to Activate Norton Antivirus:

You are few steps behind for installing Norton antivirus in your device. Go and check out the procedure.

  • Go to
  • Now sign in to your account
  • If you don't have a Norton account, then tap on the create account button and follow the onscreen commands.
  • You just need to fill out your personal information there.
  • After signing into the account, a setup window will appear on the screen.
  • Go to the download option and tap on the button.
  • Here you may be asked to enter 25-digit product key and for automatic renewal service, you can skip it and continue.
  • Now, tap on agree and download button.
  • With few minutes the download will be completed.
  • Now got to downloads folder and search for setup file.
  • Double click on folder follow the instruction.
  • After following all the onscreen commands, the Norton product will be downloaded, installed and executed on your device.
  • Save the Norton related file on your preferred location.

Get Premium Support for Norton Products:

If you have any issue related to downloading, installing and activating Norton antivirus system, then you have landed on the right page. We are the best team of technicians who carefully listen to your problems and make the correct. We will give you all sort of Norton Support to get the product installed and activated in your systems. Call us now for more information. You can call us any time in a day. We are available for 24*7 in a day.

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